Books & CDs

  • Visionary Business — Revised

    An Entrepreneur's Guide to Success

    by Marc Allen

    With so many painful examples of corporate greed by high-level executives and with environmental concerns on the rise, the need for new and inspired ways of doing business has never been greater. Framed as a parable, the story follows Marc's unlikely rise to success. His mentor, an older investment specialist named Bernie, teaches him the ways of ethical and socially responsible business. Together they turn Marc's fledgling attempts at business into a thriving corporate success, founded on principles as diverse as positive psychology, Eastern and Western spirituality, simple kindness, and market savvy.

  • The Greatest Secret of All:

    Simple Steps to Abundance, Fulfillment, and a Life Well Lived

    by Marc Allen

    What is The Greatest Secret of All? The "secret of attraction" — the law of manifestation — is wonderful to know, but a great many who have discovered this "secret" still lead miserable lives. The Greatest Secret of All clearly explains this law of manifestation but then takes it a quantum leap further, revealing what is far more important in life — a life of happiness, inner peace, ease, and fulfillment, where we contribute in some creative way to making the world a better place for all.

  • The Type-Z Guide To Success

    A Lazy Person's Manifesto for Wealth and Fulfillment

    by Marc Allen

    Is it possible to be both lazy and successful? Marc Allen answers this question with a resounding YES! In this miraculous little book, you'll learn an extraordinarily simple four-step program and discover how you can achieve your dreams in life — even if you're lazy, inexperienced, overwhelmed, or financially challenged. And if you're a workaholic or a Type A, you'll learn how to have more time for relaxation and fun — and still be successful.

  • The Millionaire Course

    A Visionary Plan for Creating the Life of Your Dreams

    This book is an entire course, an in-depth guide to accomplishing one's dreams in life. Structured in results-minded lessons and interwoven with keys that offer sudden moments of understanding, the book helps the reader grasp new ways of thinking of, and attaining, wealth. Lesson topics include "Imagine your ideal scene," "Discover your core beliefs and learn how to change them," and "Grow at your own pace." Author Marc Allen offers both a life-changing philosophy and the specific tools — the business plan, the vocabulary, even resources for financing — needed to create the life of your dreams.

  • A Visionary Life

    Conversations on Personal and Planetary Evolution

    by Marc Allen

    In Visionary Business Marc Allen revealed 12 keys to building a successful organization. In this book, he turns his attention to the even more vital process of building a fulfilling life. This book gives readers the simple keys to changing their lives step by step, helping them to first envision and then move toward realizing their deepest dreams and highest aspirations.

  • Ten Percent Solution

    Simple Steps to Improve Our Lives and Our World

    by Marc Allen

    This short, powerful work is potentially life changing, for it is filled with simple solutions to the difficult problems that confront us — individually and globally. Marc Allen offers clear, doable solutions to both our personal financial problems and global problems. Key to many of these solutions is both saving and giving away 10 percent of our income, also known as "tithing." By taking the kinds of actions recommended in this book, we can not only achieve financial security but also contribute substantially to a better world as well.