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  • Marc Allen                                   

    Success With Ease
    The Complete Audio Course

  • This powerful course — consisting of 12 mp3 downloads totaling about 8.5 hours — was developed over several decades through hundreds of live workshops. The 12 in-depth sessions include every principle and practice you need to create a life of prosperity and fulfillment — with ease.


    In this course, Marc Allen makes a unique and important contribution to our society: He shows a workaholic, Type-A culture that it is possible to succeed — and succeed brilliantly — and yet do it in an easy and relaxed manner, a healthy and positive way. The course presents both a life-changing philosophy and the specific tools necessary to succeed at doing what you love to do.


    A wide range of material is given over 8 .5 hours. It is completely flexible and self-directed, so you end up designing your own plans for success, based on your unique dreams, personality, and skills.


    The course includes 12 inspiring and powerful sessions:

      1 — Overview; Imagine Your Ideal Scene

      2 — List and Affirm Your Goals

      3 — Discover Your Vocation and Purpose; Write Your Plan  as a Simple, Clear Visualization

      4 — See the Full Half of the Glass, the Benefits in Adversity, and Keep Picturing Success

      5 — Live and Work in Partnership with All

      6 — 12 Ways to Avoid Management by Crisis

      7 — Love Change, Learn to Dance, and Leave J. Edgar Hoover Behind

      8 — Discover Your Core Beliefs, and Learn How to Change Them

      9 — Grow at Your Own Pace, with an Architecture of Abundance

    10 — Give Abundantly and Reap the Rewards: The Ten Percent Solution for Personal and Global Problems

    11 — The Spiritual Path to Success: The Power of Prayer, Meditation, and Relaxation

    12 — Do What You Love to Do and Success Will Follow: You Can Transform Your Life and Your World by Doing What You Love


    The 11th session The Spiritual Path to Success is available as a stand-alone download here, if you wish to get a taste of the program. 

  • => Click here to listen to a sample of the session.


    Thousands of people have already taken this course and used this material to manifest the career and life of their dreams — in an easy and relaxed manner, a healthy and positive way, in its own perfect time, for the highest good of all!

  • The full audio course is now available as 12 mp3 downloads, at a discounted price of $99; after you make your purchase, you'll be directed to a web page with download instructions.

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