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  • The Spiritual Path to Success
    The Power of Prayer, Meditation, and Relaxation

  • Marc Allen--the cofounder of New World Library, the author of Visionary Business, and the publisher of The Power of Now--has discovered, through trial and error, a definite, proven set of principles that, if followed, can help each of us live the life of our dreams, doing what we love to do, while adhering to compassionate, conscious values.  In Success With Ease, a 12-part audiocourse, Marc explores and demonstrates all of the basic techniques and lessons from his powerful book, The Millionaire Course: A Visionary Plan for Creating the Life of Your Dreams.

    This course has proven to be one of the most effective tools ever created for moving from financial and creative struggle to a life of abundance and ease. We're excited to be able to provide--
    as a stand-alone audio download--the critical session covering The Spiritual Path to Success. It stands on its own as a powerful guide to all those who want to embrace their spiritual nature and yet be creative and successful as well.

    Marc’s style is humorous and easygoing, yet the content is powerful and life changing, for he gives you the information and support you need to create success. Join him as he guides you through your Spiritual Path to Success.

  • The Spiritual Path to Success is now available as an mp3 download for the discounted price of $8.99.

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