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The Magical

The Magical Path
Creating the Life of Your Dreams
And a World that Works for All

Throughout his extraordinary career, Marc Allen has developed simple, powerful tools that anyone can use to find a short path to success and fulfillment.

The Magical Path is a complete course in practical modern magic, filled with tried-and-true techniques that can very quickly create powerful changes in your life and your world.

The results of using these simple tools have been wonderful, even magical and miraculous, for a great many people. Bernie Siegel, author of Love, Medicine, and Miracles and A Book of Miracles, put it beautifully and clearly:

“Marc Allen is sharing the wisdom of the ages in a way that can guide and coach us to choose and create the life we desire.”

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The Magical Path Talks, Signings, and Seminars

Marc Allen is giving a number of talks, signings, and seminars about The Magical Path — and he promises to give away the essence of what he knows in every one of them. Click here for a link.

The Spiritual Path to Success
Audio Course
The Spiritual Path to Success

This 45-minute audio download is a gentle journey into the power of prayer, meditation, and relaxation, showing how they can be powerful allies to all of us who want to embrace our spiritual nature and yet be creative and successful and fulfilled as well. This is the 11th session of The Success with Ease Audio Course, with a beautiful musical background.

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The Success With Ease Audio Course

This powerful course — 12 mp3 downloads totaling about 8.5 hours — was developed over several decades through hundreds of live workshops. The 12 in-depth sessions present every principle and practice you need to create a life of prosperity and fulfillment — with ease.

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Creating a Successful Business or Career

Read Marc's interview with BJ Gallagher in the Huffington Post here.

          There is an ever-mysterious process
          of creation;
          we can call it many things.
          We will never understand
          how the process works,
          but we can consciously
          set it in motion.

                                                       – The Magical Path

Marc Allen


Marc Allen Events

2015 Master Courses
With Marc Allen

This spring and fall, Marc Allen is presenting two powerful courses designed to turn your dream life — and your dream business — into your waking reality.

  1. The Millionaire Course
    A 6-Week Master Class in
    Success With Ease •
    April 23 – June 4
  2. Visionary Business
    September 24 – October 29

What do you dream of doing? Are you here to fulfill some great purpose? How can you do what you dream of doing and make it work for you? How can you be truly fulfilled, financially and emotionally?

These two courses are here for those of you who dare ask themselves these questions. They are called Master Courses because they are filled with the tools you need to become the master of your life.

Marc Allen can you show you that living the life of your dreams isn't supposed to be hard, or filled with struggle or 60-hour work weeks. Whether you take one or both telecourses — the culmination of more than 30 years of working with people around the world to craft lives of true abundance and prosperity — Marc will guide you, step-by-step, into your new future.


The Millionaire Course: The Simple Keys to Abundance and Prosperity in Every Area of Your Life
  • Dates and time: April 23 – June 4; Thursdays, 6 pm Pacific time
  • Presents Marc Allen’s simple formula for creating success as you choose to define it.
To register for the 6-week course: CLICK HERE

Visionary Business: The Quantum-Leap Telecourse for Entrepreneurs, Artists, and Business Owners
  • Dates and time: September 24 – October 29; Thursdays, 6 pm Pacific time
  • Presents the tools for building a successful career or business that is an expression of your passion and purpose.

CLICK HERE to register for the Millionaire Course.


What spiritual practice or technique is most effective in getting through difficult times?

Kim Corbin at New World Library asked me to answer the following question for the New World News online newsletter. It was such a good question, I found myself writing far more than they wanted, and thought it was perfect for a blog:

What spiritual practice or technique have you found most effective in getting you through these difficult times?

I use a variety of practices and techniques, and really don't know which is the most effective. Maybe it's just one simple thing, or maybe it's the combination of all of them that is the most effective. I really don't know. The important thing is to find somethingthat works for you, whatever it may be.


  • Try This Simple Experiment!

    Marc Allen tries to give away the essence of what he knows every time he speaks. The day he turned thirty, he decided to try a simple experiment that changed the course of his life. It only takes a few minutes to explain, and another few minutes for you to try it.